The Homeschool Blueprint

You have two choices: wing it or plan it. The Homeschool Blueprint is an e-book/workbook that helps you create the right foundations in your homeschool, so you can focus on the learning and more importantly the fun while enjoying a balanced, consistent homeschool lifestyle. Scroll down to learn more.



The Homeschool Blueprint helps you dig deep and provides resources for you to create a personalized homeschooling plan for your family.

  • Develop the right mindset and create a vision for your homeschool
  • Set attainable goals for each of your children and teach them how to set their own goals
  • Plan and set up an inspiring learning space even if you only have a small hallway closet
  • Learn about your child’s personality, learning style, and love language
  • Create a relaxed routine that matches your family’s natural daily rhythm
  • Choose a curriculum that will work best for your child
  • Create a self-care plan for yourself, so you have the stamina to give your best to your children
  • Create mini-routines for cleaning, laundry, and meal prep to make life more consistent
  • Be ready with our magical moments’ list for when your child doesn’t want to learn

BONUS: The Educational Standards Guide


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